CAD programmes PROJECT

  CAD programmes PROJECT
  3 posts with drawing programme of moulds and tools, in 3D VISI, and 1 AUTOCAD


  CAM programmes

  CAM programmes
  2 posts to design in CNC- VISI and CIMATRON and 1 to design in erosion by wire. FIKUS) 1 PC of support to the CNC with the DEINFER
  Communication Five  DNCMAX programme.


Erosion of Wire and Penetration Equipment

Trademark: FANUC / Model: ROBOCUT α-OID

Trademark: MITSUBISHI / Model: DWC90H

Trademark: FIRMEY / Model: V-35

Trademark: MITSUBICHI / Model: M25K


Trademark: FANUC / Model: ROBOCUT α-OID

Trademark: SODICK / Model: EX20

Trademark: TWCI / Model: T-26

Trademark: MITSUBISHI / Model: C7G35


Milling lathe equipment


Trademark: FIRST
Model: 81010140

Trademark: N/A
Model: N/A

Trademark: AJAX
Model: AJ T3 VART



Trademark: KONDIA
Model: K76

Trademark: DUGARD
Model: EAGLE 600

Trademark: FEELER
Model: FV 600



Trademark: YASNAC
Model: MC-600V

Trademark: YANG
Model: SMV-1000

Trademark: HASS
Model: VF-6



Trademark: ANAYAK
Model: BAT-5

Trademark: YAM
Model: YAM-1500G

Trademark: FRIMEY
Model: M-1540


Equipment of the quality laboratory

Trademark: GRAVOGRAF
Model: N/A

Trademark: ERNST
Model: N/A




Trademark: DIGIMAR
Model: N/A
Trademark: TRIMOS
Trademark: MITUTOYO
Model: PJ 300


Equipment of the bench section





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