Our history

Famikron is a company with over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing industry of Stamping Tools, Moulds and Precision Parts. As of 2010 it has a Test Center which allows for the internal testing of the moulds with the added benefit of providing the injection and production of the first samples and pre-production series.

Located in Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal, Famikron distinguishes itself in the industry for its high level of thoroughness, accuracy and quality standards surpassing the Clients required standards.

Through the investment in the continuous technological innovation and the specialization of our workers we secure a solid and reputable position in the national and international market.



The Early Stages

With the initial team comprised of 10 collaborators, at its outset in the manufacturing industry of Stamping Tools, Moulds and Precision Parts Famikron’s facilities occupied an area of 220m2 with only 3 conventional milling, 1 grinding machine, 1 conventional sinking EDM and 1 lathe.


The expansion of the facilities

Enlargement of the facilities to an area of 600m2, tripling the equipment pool and growing staff of 10 to 25 collaborators.


The beginning of exportations

As to expand its market, Famikron started out exporting to Spain and France and then globally.


Expansion of the facilities

Continuously growing, by 2004, Famikron’s facilities expanded to an a área de 1500m2, increasing its staff to 36 collaborators.


Certification of the Quality Management System

Famikron is certified by the ISO 9001 standard.


The first steps in Plastic Injection Moulding/Test Center

Famikron acquires plastic injection equipment allowing to test the moulds internally.


Expansion of the facilities

To meet the increasing customer demands, there was a need to expand the Plastic Injection Sector, therefore Famikron’s facilities expanded to the current 2700m2.



Following the ISO 9001 certificate in 2005, Famikron furthers their certifications. In 2018 Famikron attained the IATF 16949, and in 2019, the Certification of the Environmental Management System ISO 14001.


Currently Famikron encompasses 46 collaborators specialized in the Stamping Tools, Moulds and Precision Parts field.



Customer and other stakeholders satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the underlying priority at every stage of the production process and thus it is what our collaborators and suppliers embody.

Our collaborators

The commitment and collaboration of our staff are the corner stone to the strength of our foundation, their motivation and recurrent training allow for continuous development and innovation.

Improvement and innovation

We continuously work to enhance our work at every production stage, as is, we are always open to alongside our customers and suppliers seek the optimal solution.


Partnerships with suppliers for mutual benefit.


We are committed to environmental protection thus we are continuously searching for the best solutions that minimize our environmental impact, ensuring the correct waste management and other environmental aspects. Fulfilment of the Standard Environmental Requirements in accordance to the legislation in force and other stipulated obligations.

Continuous improvement

So as to strengthen and improve the efficiency of the Management System and the fulfillment of all requirements (customer, normative and legal), the Administration ensures its commitment in the management and compliance to the reference standards subscribed by the company providing the necessary resources.
The continuous performance improvement of the Management System.

stamping tools, MOuLDS and precision parts

We provide the complete service, from the Project stage to the first samples.
Customer satisfaction is our main goal thus we work under the highest standards of quality, precision and accuracy.